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A leader in sustainable development, project management, environment and social safeguards services provision in Africa.

To provide efficient, profitable, quality and sustainable project management, environment and social safeguards solutions that apply current technologies and innovations to our clientele.

Geotropic Consults developed a set of core values that provide a matrix of practices and interrelationships with which we provide services with distinction to our clients.

These are;
• Integrity: Uncompromising on professional and ethical standards
• Excellence: Service with distinction
• Respect and dignity: Unity in diversity
• Innovation and uniqueness: Current and relevant solutions
• Professionalism: Efficiency and effectiveness

Environmental Management
Project Planning and Management
Occupational Health and Safety
ISO Certification Training
Research and Policy Analysis

 We leverage on competency and skill of our staff that form the core of our internal strength and ability to deliver on assignments we undertake.
We have developed relevant approaches and solutions that suit the needs of a variety of clients. This involves employing the right blend of expertise needed to successfully execute the projects we undertake possible because our personnel have widely been exposed and worked on several small, medium and large projects locally and at international level. It is also our policy to train and provide continuous professional development for our staff.
We have also established strategic business partnerships with individual professionals, consulting firms and institutions like Future Management, and Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. This ability to pool expertise enables us execute assignments of any magnitude. 


Geotropic Consults is committed to being a responsible corporatecitizen. Wherever the Company operates, it is always actively involved in projects improving the lives of people and environment. We invest in strategic corporate social responsibility projects.

We uphold integrity and honesty while conducting our business. Integrity is important to us because we do not only aim at protecting our brand and company reputation but also image and business interests of our clients.

We espouse effective communication for both internal and external publics because we mind clear internal systems and success of our clients’ businesses. When you do business with us, you’re assured of timely and relevant information delivered at your convenience and satisfaction. We use current technologies and innovations to communicate.

We understand while working on our clients’ projects, we’re exposed, request and use various pieces of information, some of which is confidential. It’s our policy to keep, as confidential and exclusive, information accessed or obtained from clients as we conduct business. No employee discloses to any third party information
relating to the Company or its clients. Information treated as confidential includes business plans and concepts, finances, internal
systems and practices, and any business secretes or information
exclusive to the clients’ operations.

We believe in the power of transparency to build solid operations. We emphasize cross-checks, social collaboration tools and breaking down silos ensuring that each operation is optimal for unique business needs.

We are passionate about building a solid operation based on three P’s: Process, people and product. Build your operation to flow and operate well with that and you’ll have a successful business.

Meet the Geotropic Consults team of professionals.





Philip M Kuloba

Environment Officer

Barbra Akatuhereza

Environment Officer

David Mataki

Environment Officer

Diana Nalugya


Joshua Kalyesubula

Finance Officer


Associate Consultant


Associate Consultant


We draw from a pool of in-house and associate consultants who are engaged depending on the requirement dictated by our client’s need. Our team is composed of individuals who have held assignments in road construction, manufacturing industry, telecommunication, power generation and transmission, and government departments. .

They have a blend of experience from regulators and the implementation requirement. Whether the client is a manufacturing plant, engineering workshop or services based company such as a transporter or banking institution, we will assemble a team that will meet their requirement. telecommunication, power generation and transmission, and government departments.